DiscoverYourHero.org is unlike most other charitable organizations. Instead of asking for money to fund projects at our discretion, we ask people (Heros In Need) to post their specific needs and find donors (Heros In-Deed) to fulfill them. Once the need is fulfilled, we ask our Hero In Need to meet with his or her Hero In-Deed, either in person or by video chat,

to allow both to feel the full impact of direct donor matching.  


Our site not only changes charity in a way that provides a personal experience by directly matching people, it also allows anyone to give back. At DiscoverYourHero.org, the options for donations are endless, and you do not need money to be able to make a difference. See how you can be a Hero today!

How can we help you?

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someone who is ready to lend a hand.

How can you help others?

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DiscoverYourHero.org was founded by Drew Shaulson. Drew is a Sophomore at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania that wanted to make a difference in the world by changing the way that charity works. He believes that the personal connection between donor and receiver forms a bond that does not generally exist in conventional charity. He developed this idea through his work at the Ossining Food Panty and being a "Big Buddy" to a younger child with Tourette's syndrome. Drew saw his experience with his new friend as an opportunity that everyone should have to make a difference in the world and change someone's life.

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