Lily and the Stricker's

Nancy Stricker, a model citizen in Briarcliff Manor, NY,  and Meghan Stricker, her daughter, met with Ima and Lily Pinto after the Stricker family provided the funds to make the Pinto's family holiday wishes come true. Thanks to the Stricker's donation, Lily and Ima were able to spend the holidays and New Year's with their family. 

Susan Zeola, Stacy Charney, and the Ronald McDonald House

Suzan Zeola, a successful real estate agent, and Stacy Charney, a model citizen of Briarcliff, contributed the funds towards a new vacuum cleaner and a new stand mixer for the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley. Because of their contribution, the house will not only be cleaner, but the families will also have access to more baked goods (from the stand mixer) to help them cope in their time of need. 

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